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2B Stainless Steel Sheets

2B Stainless steel sheets is corrode different kinds of patterns on stainless steel surfaces by chemical methods. Using 8K mirror sheet, brushed sheet, blasting plate as the baseboard, after the etching treatment, further processing the surface. The stainless steel etched sheets can process partial patterns, brushing, gold polishing, titanium and other kinds of complex treatment process. The etched stainless steel sheets can achieve light and dark, colorful effect patterns. 

General material: Stainless steel 8K mirror sheets, decorative stainless steel sheet(Model: 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 600), stainless steel snow sand, ordinary sand, sandblasting, various colored etched stainless steel sheets. 

Stainless steel specifications: 1000mm*2000mm,1219mm*2438mm,1219mm*3000mm,1219mm*3048mm,1219mm*4000mm and conventional process model is 1219mm*2438mm.